Video and Audio Tapes authored by Jerry Wilde

Audio Cassette Tapes

Techniques Taught on Tape
If you're like most professionals, finding time to expand your professional skills can be very difficult. Start your car, insert one of these tapes, and use the time in the car to your benefit.



Helping Kids Deal with Anger
This tape clearly explains the use of the best techniques to reduce anger. Ideas for anger management groups are also discussed. This tape will help kids learn to view the world in a more realistic, less antagonistic way. 60 minutes.

Item Number CAS-1

Fundamentals of REBT with Children and Adolescents
This great introductory tape explains the development and use of REBT with the most commonly occurring student problems. 70 minutes.

Item Number CAS-3

A Client's Guide to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
This tape is intended to be used by students. Examine the relationship between thoughts and feelings. Explore beliefs that lead to depression, anxiety, and anger. This tape comes with a worksheet for clients. 40 minutes.

Item Number CAS-3


Jerry Wilde with Parents Discussing Anger Management for Kids
This video of a lively exchange between Dr. Wilde and a group of parents captures many of the essential features of his work with children and adolescents. Topics explored include:
1) The causes of anger
2) The distraction technique
3) The use of imagery
4) A question and answer segment
This video is a nice resource for parents of professionals who work with parents. 60 minutes.


Item Number VID-1
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