Ever wonder what makes a child or adolescent angry, unhappy, or violent?

Many behavioral problems relate to anger and anger management issues.

This site offers a unique approach to one of the most pressing problems of our time...anger management in kids and teens. Child psychologist, Dr. Jerry Wilde, speaks directly to kids in a language that is easily understood and offers practical parenting help.

Through our books, tapes, games and workshops you will explore solutions to critical anger issues and the health risks associated with hostility. Intervention based on cognitive, emotive and behavior techniques will be described and demonstrated. Practical methods for how to help children and adolescents distract themselves in order to gain time before acting will be shared and discussed along with other counseling techniques. Our goal is to provide you with the "hot stuff" to help kids "chill out."

Explore our site for many helpful solutions to the problems kids and teens are dealing with today. Logon to our message boards to talk about some of the issues that are on their mind.

Newest Book in the Successful Hot Stuff Series

Anger Chill Out Anxiety


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